When is the right time to transition?

As a world we are having to address issues we probably never thought about before. Transgenderism is one of those issues. As a political movement it is having its moment in the sun and we are not allowed to challenge any aspect of it.

Especially the science. That’s because there is so very little. Treating people now means the follow-up data will be decades in the making so there is little to guide us today. There is always a risk that we are pursuing the wrong path.

There are however many psychologists claiming deep expertise in the area and many patients for them to “treat”. And after them we have surgeons devoted to the art of transforming penises into vaginas and clitorises into penises.

Of course, adults humans can do as they wish with their bodies but for pre-adults, kids and teens who haven’t bodily matured, lack sexual experience and are easily traduced by fads and attention, the questions around intervention get tougher. And here we have to ask is 16 too young to make that decision?

So we were interested to see this X message which asks us to think about the issue less blindly than the strident trans movement might have us do.

Can you answer this question?

Like, it’s really not nearly as hard as they’re making it out to be: If it’s a mental illness, why would physical surgery fix it? And if it’s NOT a mental illness, why would ppl be at risk of suicide if they don’t treat it?

I think the vast majority of ppl would classify a psychological disorder that makes you want to kill yourself because you feel you’re “in the wrong body” as very fucking obviously a mental illness.

Which brings us back to the original question: then why physical surgeries? We don’t treat anoerexia with liposuction.

The last time we treated mental illness with physical surgeries? Lobotomies. And sure, that didn’t go too well, but hey, I’m sure this time is different, right folx?

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