Time for Boris to reinvent himself again? “Call me, Al.”

Parliament voted on Monday night to accept the privileges committee report censuring former prime minister Boris Johnson over the Partygate scandal involving repeated social gatherings in Whitehall during COVID lockdowns. Only seven Tories voted against the report after a five-hour debate in Parliament, with 354 MPs across all parties in favour of the conclusion that Mr Johnson had deliberately misled the House.

The vote was rendered practically inconsequential by Johnson’s pre-emptive resignation two weeks ago. But it was politically significant for marking an end, at least for now, to his long-plotted comeback against current Conservative government Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Bojo will be stripped of his parliamentary pass. Looks like it’s time for a makeover! If you read this thread he’s done it before. What a checkered life. He’s the Becky Sharp of our day. In case you haven’t read the novel Vanity Fair, she’s the main protagonist of William Makepeace Thackeray’s 1847–48 masterpiece novel. She is presented as a cynical social climber who uses her charms to fascinate and seduce upper-class men. Boris just hypnotizes for power and laughs, making sh*t up as he goes along.

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