Murder She Wrote! 100 Visitors Trapped in Agatha Christie’s Home After Single Road In is Blocked! 🔎🗡️☠️

Visitors were reportedly trapped for ‘hours,’ but given tea by staff.

A road near Agatha Christie’s former home, Greenway, was shut due to a fallen tree with customers stuck inside. One visitor, Caroline Heaven, contacted Devon Live to say that she and more than 100 other people have been stuck at the site for ‘hours’.

Caroline, who is in the county on holiday, says she arrived at the National Trust property at about 11.30am for a day trip. However, she now fears that she and all of the other visitors could be stuck in the tea room for many hours to come as they await removal of the huge fallen tree. 

She told Devon Live: “I think what’s happened is a tree, quite a big tree, has fallen down on the main road. There is only one road in and out of Greenway. 

“It’s not on Greenway’s property so it’s the highways people that are responsible for it. They haven’t even turned up yet.

“There is about 100 of us trapped here, at least 100, and the staff. It’s a shame really. 

“They are doing a great job, they are giving us free tea’s and things. It’s a bit bleak.” Devon Live