Mr. Sunak Goes to Washington

Post-Brexit Britain is yearning for a coveted trade pact with the United States, and to gain Uncle Sam’s favor, they’re offering to be the leading troublemaker in the proxy war against Russia.

Rishi Sunak embarked on a crucial trip to Washington last week, aiming to secure a bilateral trade pact with the United States post-Brexit. The discussions centered around strengthening the “special relationship” between the two nations, with both leaders emphasizing their commitment to closer cooperation on various fronts, including economics, security, military, and artificial intelligence.

To win economic favors, Britain is more willing than ever to escalate US imperial aggression against Russia and China. These hostilities stem from Washington’s own decline as the former “sole superpower” and “global hegemon.”

While the conflict in Ukraine and the issue of Russia featured prominently on the agenda, the British side did not receive a firm commitment from the US regarding a new trade deal. The UK had set its sights on such an agreement following its departure from the European Union in 2020. However, negotiations have yet to yield concrete results, leaving the British government in a state of uncertainty.

Prime Minister Sunak is the third British leader to engage with President Joe Biden since his inauguration, a testament to the tumultuous political landscape shaped by the challenges of Brexit. Securing a trade agreement with the US remains a top priority for the UK, especially as the Biden administration pursues protectionist economic policies. London hopes to secure concessions that would allow British businesses greater access to the American market.

Nevertheless, the UK’s efforts to garner economic support have raised concerns about the potential consequences of aligning too closely with the US. Some worry that in pursuit of favorable trade terms, Britain may be compelled to adopt a more aggressive stance against Russia and China, exacerbating existing geopolitical tensions.

Sunak highlighted the UK’s military support for Ukraine during his White House meeting, positioning Britain as a key ally in the conflict and asserting its commitment to the newly-formed military alliance AUKUS, which focuses on countering China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. The war in Ukraine is reaching a dangerously tense phase of direct NATO confrontation with Russia. The “undeclared war” is on the verge of becoming an all-out conflict between nuclear-armed states.

Throughout the past 16 months of the Ukraine conflict, Britain has eagerly played the role of NATO’s chief provocateur. While in Washington, Sunak boasted about supplying Ukraine with battlefield tanks, long-range missiles, and training Ukrainian pilots on the soon-to-be-delivered US-made F-16 fighter jets.

It is worth noting that the path to a comprehensive trade deal with the US has been fraught with challenges for post-Brexit Britain. The country’s departure from the EU has led to a loss of influence within the world’s largest trading bloc, casting doubts on the realization of the “Global Britain” vision. Economic and social challenges, including poverty, inequality, and allegations of corruption, have further complicated the situation, prompting the UK to seek support from its transatlantic partner.

Securing a trade agreement with the United States is an urgent priority for London. As the Biden administration embraces protectionist economic policies, Britain is desperate for concessions to access the American market.

As negotiations continue, both sides are working towards finding common ground in order to achieve their shared goals of peace, prosperity, and security. Prime Minister Sunak’s visit to Washington serves as a reminder of the importance of the US-UK relationship and the complexities surrounding post-Brexit trade negotiations.