Migrants whinge about free accommodation while British homeless suffer

This news item caught our eye because it’s just so unreasonable. We looked at some stats for homelessness in the UK. And then we looked at the complaints from our migrant guests.

  • A child in Britain becomes homeless every eight minutes according to a new Shelter report that finds that 183 children lose their homes every single day – that’s enough children to fill two double-decker buses. Shelter says more needs to be done to tackle the issue and says that homelessness is at its highest rate since 2006.
  • And young caregivers looking after older relatives are being left without the support they need to avoid homelessness, warn charities behind innovative housing project. Young adult carers are an often overlooked group at risk of homelessness with the strain of caring for family leading to mental and physical exhaustion, and restricting access to education and employment opportunities.
  • Almost 10,000 homeless single mothers and their children have been forced to move to “horrendous” temporary housing far away from their families due to a chronic shortage of affordable homes, new figures show. Analysis of the latest government data, carried out by The Independent suggests 9,343 of the 34,070 single mothers living with at least one child in temporary accommodation in England were living out of their own local authority area between July and September 2022. One woman and her son, who fled domestic abuse, were moved 290 miles from London to Tyne and Wear, taking them “away from everything we knew” into what she described as unsafe housing, which she likened to a “hell hole”.
  • Centrepoint says that according to our research, 129,000 young people asked for help with homelessness last year. This is a

Meanwhile these migrants whine about the state of the bathrooms…hint…how about cleaning them?

Come on guys. We know it’s frustrating. But you’re not helping your cause by whinging. How about you band together, clean up the hotel and start volunteering somewhere to give something back to the community that’s literally sacrificing its own people for you.