ICYMI: How the Emergency Alerts threaten freedom

Is this the reality? Fear, propaganda, feeling included are all levers to be pushed by the government in their desire to diminish your freedoms. Katie Hopkins has an interesting take on the “test”.

Some background for none UK readers:

  • A siren was tested on smartphones throughout the UK to warn of life-threatening emergencies.
  • Reports indicate that many people did not receive the alert, while others received it earlier than expected.
  • The Three network confirmed that several of its customers were affected and did not receive the notification.
  • The system is intended to be used for severe weather events, including severe flooding, fires, and extreme weather, and may also be used in the event of a terrorist attack.
  • Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden emphasized that the system would only be used in situations where there was an immediate risk to life.

According to the government website, Emergency Alerts is a UK government service that will warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby. In an emergency, your mobile phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe. The government does not need to know your phone number or location to send you an alert.