Green Madness?

This beautiful, century-old orchard is recognized for its significant natural importance as the eighth largest traditional orchard left in the UK. Now, all in the name of net zero, this beautiful stand of trees is to be torn down. The impending removal of hundreds of trees is– ironically– in order that a new busway may be built in order to address climate change.

The approval of the new route, which will link Cambridge and Cambourne, a newly established town situated eight miles from the city, has called for the clearance of trees from Coton Orchard in Cambridgeshire.

The decision, passed with a 33 to 26 vote by councillors, has drawn the ire of thousands of people who have signed a petition to preserve the trees from what they deem an “utterly destructive” proposal. The new busway intends to employ electric or hybrid buses as its mode of transportation.

Anna Gazeley, whose family own the orchard, which was planted in 1922 to produce apples for wholesale trade in Covent Garden, told councillors: “Traditional orchards are hotspots of biodiversity in the countryside, supporting a wide range of wildlife as well as an array of nationally rare and nationally scarce species.

“‘They are designated habitats of primary importance and rightly accorded protections.”