Gov. Data Asks: What is killing young people in the UK?

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Please trust me when I tell you, you CAN understand this psychedelic chart and spending the time is worth it.

This is the latest UK Non Covid Mortality stats to June 2023

It shows the EXCESS percentages of people dying from ??? over and above the usual rates of death… after all the covid deaths have been removed.

So you cannot say “Oh, they are dying from covid”

When you see a red square its telling you that deaths are EXCEEDING the norm by more than 5%

Dark red squares by more than 10%

Black squares by more than 15%

Look at where all the black square “high die off” stats are…

In 2022 – 23 not a single “high die off” stat in people above the age of 64

But in the under 64 years categories its mayhem ESPECIALLY in the youngest 0 – 24 age group.

June 2023 in the 0 – 24 years female an EXCESS DEATH of nearly 21%

May 2023 in the 0 – 24 males an EXCESS DEATH of 30%

This the demographic that is the youngest and healthiest of the entire population.

They are dying in their thousands from something that is not covid, and nobody is talking about it.

No it’s not a slack health care system – this is the demographic that does not usually end up in a hospital.

No it’s not slow ambulances – this demographic need ambulances the least.

Is it the covid vaccine ?

Somebody needs to ask and answer the elephant in the room question

Source data…

Also in America

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, heart attack deaths across all age groups have become more common in the U.S., according to a September 2022 study by Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. 

The age group hit the hardest? People between 25 and 44, who saw a 29.9% relative increase in heart attack deaths over the first two years of the pandemic (which means the actual number of heart attack deaths were almost 30% higher than the predicted number).

“Young people are obviously not really supposed to die of heart attack. They’re not really supposed to have heart attacks at all,” Dr. Susan Cheng, a cardiologist at Cedars Sinai and co-author of the study, told TODAY in a segment aired Feb. 9.

Adults between 45 and 64 saw a 19.6% relative increase in heart attack deaths, and those 65 and older saw a 13.7% relative increase, according to a press release from Cedars Sinai. The increase in U.S. heart attack deaths continued through the omicron surge, even though the variant is thought to cause milder illness, and spikes of heart attack deaths have aligned with the timing of COVID-19 surges in the U.S.