Farage won – he struck a blow for all of us

The BBC wrote to apologise to Nigel Farage for its “incomplete and inaccurate” report about the closure of the GB News presenter’s Coutts bank account.

The broadcaster was forced to amend a story suggesting Farage’s accounts were closed due to his funds falling below the private bank’s financial threshold.

His account with had been closed earlier this month after the bank said they no longer wanted him as a customer.

However, a 40-page dossier revealed Coutts chiefs made a concerted effort to “exit” him as a customer as they didn’t believe the former Ukip leader aligned with their views.

An apology letter from CEO, BBC News & Current Affairs Deborah Turness to Nigel Farage will probably be accompanied by a change in legislation to ensure that political views cannot be used to de-bank you.