Did the Met Office just tamper with this data for political purposes?

The Hadley Centre Central England Temperature (HADCET) data is the basis of all climate modeling in the UK. Remember, modeling predicts on a ‘garbage in, garbage out’ basis so any forecasts for future climates depends entirely upon the integrity of the data inputed. As we have discussed on SRC before, the temperature trend data is often faulty because the surface monitoring stations have been compromised by the buildings or landscape changes around them since their installation.

Predictions using models are inherently flawed by bias. The selection of what data to include, exclude, weight or reduce will lead to different outcomes. A bit like the hurricane tracking maps you see when meteorologists are predicting the path of a big storm, there are many variables in play for weather/climate prediction – sadly most are driven by ideology and the obsession that the climate is warming because man has increased the amount of a minuscule trace gas that’s responsible for feeding all the plants on earth.

In the article below, Paul Homewood writes: Last year the Met Office made some changes to the CET record. I did not pay too much attention at the time, as the changes appeared to be minor.

However, when I was writing my review of 2022, I noticed that whereas the summer of 1995 had been 0.1C warmer than 2018’s in the original Version 1, they had changed places in Version 2. To be precise, the summer of 1995 had been cooled by 0.07C, whilst 2018’s had been warmed by 0.13C...

…As you can see, for most of the record up to 1970, the adjustments are small and with no obvious pattern, ups and downs offsetting each other.

Then quite suddenly the years from 1970 to 2003 have been cooled quite markedly. Then just as abruptly the temperatures have been consistently adjusted up again.

I have now got around to analysing the full dataset.

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