Can this OTC nasal spray prevent infection from the COVID-19 virus?

This test looked at a xylitol and grapefruit seed nasal spray and assessed its effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus. There is some evidence from dentists who used these sprays during the pandemic that they are effective.  Abstract The SARS-CoV-2 virus has created an unprecedented impact on healthcare globally. Being a novel virus, several treatments have been explored … Read more

LOL!Welsh scrap infrastructure repairs to hit Net Zero goals meanwhile add more strain through this

All new road-building projects in Wales are being frozen while the Welsh government conducts a review. It means plans for the Deeside “Red Route”, the Llandeilo bypass, and a third Anglesey crossing will be put on hold. Ministers say it is a necessary part of Wales’ effort to reduce carbon emissions and that all future roads must … Read more

Saving Sage: How The US School/Court System Failed This Child so Badly She Was Trafficked

You’ll have a hard time watching this incredible woman describe her battle to save her adopted daughter from the politically correct vultures in the school and court system. Such wickedness is only redeemed by the love and determination she showed as she fought tooth and nail to save her child from rapists, traffickers and cold-hearted … Read more

With spending up $1.4 trillion since 2019 for Covid and the debt ceiling looming, it’s now or never for Congress to cut spending

Discretionary spending has increased $356.6 billion since Fiscal Year 2019 in response to the Covid pandemic in 2020 and increases in transportation and defense spending, according to data compiled by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a 26 percent jump, to $1.7 trillion. This includes an $89.8 billion increase in defense spending (up … Read more