Former Joint Forces chief says British would run out of ammo in single afternoon

Britain has already run out of ammo, and doesn't have spare money to produce more. This is supposed to be the fourth army in the world in terms of military budget btw. — Tom (@tom_username_) February 6, 2023 The UK could deplete its ammunition stocks in mere hours should it be drawn into large-scale … Read more

EU Approves bugs for human consumption

Earlier this month, the European Commission authorized the larval form of Alphitobius diaperionus (lesser mealworm) for human consumption. The Commission also gave the green light to have partially defatted powder of Acheta domesticus (house cricket) sold on the market as so-called “novel food.” The EU officially puts bugs on the menu @UnHerd— Robert W … Read more

Was Juniper Oak a practice for Iran?

The US and Israel on Thursday announced the conclusion of their largest-ever joint military exercises, known as Juniper Oak 23. The drills were launched Monday and involved over 140 aircraft and nearly 8,000 troops from both militaries. The massive show of force was clearly a provocation toward Iran despite claims from US officials that it wasn’t aimed at any one … Read more

“The Deep State is Real” says Cummings

“The deep state is real,” according to Dominic Cummings, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ex-chief advisor. "The Deep State Is Real", UK's Dominic Cummings Admits— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 30, 2023 In an interview with the “Manifold” podcast last week, Cummings said the so-called deep state, a moniker for the unelected bureaucracy, wields far more power than the … Read more