Ever get the feeling it doesn’t matter how we vote – there’s a something bigger controlling it all? You’re not alone.

Image: Young Global Leaders in place around the world. Missing from the photo are Vladimir Putin (Russia), Rishi Sunak (UK), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta).  I know I never voted for XXX-rated sex to be taught in schools. I didn’t vote to erase women by replacing them with men in skirts. I didn’t vote to be compelled … Read more

The indictments of Donald Trump are tissue thin and intended only to harass him and disrupt the 2024 election. 

Online records from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office showed President Trump was booked on 13 charges. This comes after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Aug. 14 indicted him and 18 of his associates on various felony charges related to allegations that a strategy by several lawyers counseling President Trump to set up alternate groups … Read more

Farage won – he struck a blow for all of us

The BBC wrote to apologise to Nigel Farage for its “incomplete and inaccurate” report about the closure of the GB News presenter’s Coutts bank account. The broadcaster was forced to amend a story suggesting Farage’s accounts were closed due to his funds falling below the private bank’s financial threshold. His account with had been closed … Read more

Thanks Joe: ‘Massive US Oil Caverns’ Now Empty, Will Take ‘Decades To Refill’ 

While it took the Biden administration the better part of six months to drain the US oil supply down to a precarious 20-days of emergency reserves (a 40-year low), it will take decades to refill – if that happens at all, Bloomberg reports. (h/t: Zerohedge) Thanks to the Biden administration, these reserve sites are sitting half empty. This is not a good … Read more

Congressman to FBI Head: “Are you protecting the Bidens?”

Sparks flew Wednesday as Rep. Matt Gaetz asked FBI Director Christopher Wray whether the bureau is running interference for the first family.  Gaetz (R-Fla.) opened his questioning during a House Judiciary Committee hearing by reading a WhatsApp message from July 30, 2017, in which Hunter Biden demanded money from a Chinese business associate. “Sounds like a shakedown, doesn’t … Read more

Is it Sunak or the weather?

Poor weather conditions in the Channel have prevented illegal crossings since 155 people arrived in three small boats last Friday The latest arrivals in UK waters take the total number of people who have crossed the Channel since the beginning of the year to more than 11,700. That number is around 10 per cent down … Read more

Mr. Sunak Goes to Washington

Post-Brexit Britain is yearning for a coveted trade pact with the United States, and to gain Uncle Sam’s favor, they’re offering to be the leading troublemaker in the proxy war against Russia. Rishi Sunak embarked on a crucial trip to Washington last week, aiming to secure a bilateral trade pact with the United States post-Brexit. … Read more

US State Department Chief Greenlights China Attack on Taiwan in Colossal Diplomatic Fail

TL;DR: Antony Blinken is the first US secretary of state to visit China in five years. His visit was aimed at thawing the relationship between the two countries amid rising tensions over industry and Taiwan. However, in trying to placate the Chinese, he super-charged tensions between China and Taiwan. BREAKING: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gives … Read more