ITV – “staggering failure of due diligence”

ITV News has apologised for interviewing a reporter from the Iranian regime channel Press TV who had described the Hamas atrocities committed on October 7 as a “homecoming by the Palestinian resistance”. ITV presented Latifa Abouchakra as a London-based Palestinian. In an interview screened on Monday, she claimed she had been a victim of Islamophobia, … Read more

Pro-Hamas supporters trash Pride Flags

These Palestine protesters took down the Pride flag and threw it on the ground.Guess they didn’t want the LGBT for Palestine support. 😂— Chris Rose (@ArchRose90) October 21, 2023 WATCH: The "Queers for Palestine" getting a reality check in London as Muslims rip their LGBT flag off them. 😂Thoughts?#UFC294 #Israel_under_attack #IsraelAttack #IsraelTerorrist #Israel #Gaza … Read more

“Islam refuses to submit”

A figurehead of an extremist Islamist group behind pro-Palestinian protests has hailed Hamas terrorists as “heroes”, it can be revealed, as minsters were urged to ban the organisation from Britain. Luqman Muqeem, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s UK branch, said the Hamas attack on Israel “made us all very, very happy” and has also shared a … Read more

Anti-Semitic hate crimes up over 1000%

The UK’s Metropolitan Police made a statement Friday outlining a spike in anti-Semitic and Islamophobic hate crimes across London between October 1 and 18 in light of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict The Met says that during this period it saw ‘218 anti-Semitic offences compared to 15 in the same period last year, and an increase in Islamophobic … Read more

Refuting the porn star – This Muslim puts Mia straight on Israel and Palestine

Playboy cut its ties with porn star Mia Khalifa over her “disgusting and reprehensible” support of Hamas — in which she even urged terrorists to film their atrocities. The adult magazine announced its decision to part ways with Khalifa — who joined its Centerfold platform in February 2022 — in an email to subscribers late Monday. “We … Read more

Is this the end of Britain as we know it?

Diversity, apparently, is not our strength. Multiculturalism was a horrible experiment that proves that a tolerant homogeneous “melting pot” society where people are linked in a common aim is successful and preferable to the divisive “stir-fry” approach favored by the destructive Left.  The United Kingdom has been admitting unchecked numbers of “refugees”, migrants and former … Read more