Fresh New Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Anyone?

1) Now that I have everyone’s attention, allow me to address why US establishment politicians are sending tanks, jets, weapons, equipment, and $100+ billion to Ukraine. It has nothing to do with Ukrainian citizens, and everything to do with Deep State assets/secrets in Ukraine. — Clandestine (@WarClandestine) January 30, 2023 The bare bones of … Read more

Antarctic ice – Follow the science

What the science says…"The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite a monotonic increase in the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases."THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! #climate#ClimateEmergency— Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki (@MatthewWielicki) January 30, 2023 Abstract here at The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite a monotonic … Read more

“The Deep State is Real” says Cummings

“The deep state is real,” according to Dominic Cummings, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ex-chief advisor. "The Deep State Is Real", UK's Dominic Cummings Admits— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 30, 2023 In an interview with the “Manifold” podcast last week, Cummings said the so-called deep state, a moniker for the unelected bureaucracy, wields far more power than the … Read more

How this guy hacked and leaked the No-Fly List

The USA’s Transportation Security Administration’s No-Fly List contains the names of people who are recognized as a threat to international security and are not allowed on airplanes. (I have personal experience of this. McCarthy is a common Irish name and I believe at least one member of the IRA shares it. Flying after 9/11 was doubly … Read more

Paul Pelosi bodycam footage raises questions!

Like why is he holding a drink? Why is everyone calm then hammer guy goes berserk? Is there another shadow behind the lefthand shutter? UPDATE: Fox News obtained the surveillance video from the Pelosi house showing David Depape busting a window with his hammer before entering the home.— Greg Price (@greg_price11) January 27, 2023 … Read more

Congressman and his anxiety-inducing Debt Clock!

Watch the interview – it’s cute at the end! Apparently Congressman Tom Massie, a libertarian from Kentucky, made his new fashion accessory out of copper flashing and a mini-computer synced with the US National Debt clock. He says it’s to induce anxiety and a sense of urgency among his colleagues. Good luck with that, Tom, … Read more