Turkeys voting for Christmas! Everyday Palestinians comment on “Queers for Palestine”

The queer community is all in for Palestine. The reverse is not true. 93% of Palestinians do not support gay rights and the prevailing Arab culture is anti-LGBT. Palestinian LGBT youth escape to Israel rather than being beaten, tortured or killed for being gay under the Palestinian Authority. But, hey, those western gays can identify … Read more


This example from an ordinary Tube journey is disturbing. In it we see that the casual racism we have been trained to be hyper-vigilant about just doesn’t apply to Jewish people. This woman would never have asked a question like this to person of colour. Well done to the regular people on the bus who … Read more

The Real Villain in Shawshank Redemption

It would be a mistake to overlook that the true villain in Shawshank Redemption isn’t Boggs, Hadley, or even Warden Norton. It’s the system that empowers them. In a 2016 interview, Stephen King was asked if he had “a personal favorite” film adaptation of one of his stories. The first movie out of the bestselling … Read more

Endless war – do you think it’s dreadful?

“Dreadful things keep happening because dreadful people are in charge of the world, but face no consequences for their dreadful actions.” Neil Oliver names names. These are the people responsible for the massive bloodshed of the past 20+ years. And they never, ever suffer consequences. Ever. They just prosper.  “Dreadful things keep happening because dreadful … Read more

“Get your s*** off my statues”.

The UK’s most famous trans lesbian of colour(check his X bio!) just stepped up – literally – to protect our British heritage from the onslaught of recent immigrants and their alien culture. When 10,000 Hamas supporters marched through London at the weekend, some planted signs and Palestine flags on our historical monuments. Laurence “Lozza” Fox … Read more

EU lambasted for accusing Britain after report finds bloc guilty of ‘shocking’ racism

After years of accusing Brexit Britain of being racist the EU finds itself to be an openly hostile environment for black people. Almost half of those of African descent in the European Union report discrimination and say they’ve been verbally harassed and threatened. Nearly half of all Europeans of African descent in the European Union … Read more

Iman: “Islam is doing very well”

Mohammad Tawhidi, also known as the Imam of Peace, is an Australian Shia Muslim influencer and self-proclaimed “Imam”. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Global Imams Council, headquartered in the Islamic Seminary of Najaf, Iraq. Tawhidi believes that Islam must be reformed in order to survive. He deems all acts of terrorism … Read more

Pro-Hamas supporters trash Pride Flags

These Palestine protesters took down the Pride flag and threw it on the ground.Guess they didn’t want the LGBT for Palestine support. 😂 pic.twitter.com/PvxLdvOkSX— Chris Rose (@ArchRose90) October 21, 2023 WATCH: The "Queers for Palestine" getting a reality check in London as Muslims rip their LGBT flag off them. 😂Thoughts?#UFC294 #Israel_under_attack #IsraelAttack #IsraelTerorrist #Israel #Gaza … Read more

“Islam refuses to submit”

A figurehead of an extremist Islamist group behind pro-Palestinian protests has hailed Hamas terrorists as “heroes”, it can be revealed, as minsters were urged to ban the organisation from Britain. Luqman Muqeem, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s UK branch, said the Hamas attack on Israel “made us all very, very happy” and has also shared a … Read more