Canada Takes ‘LGBTQ’ To A Whole New Level

It has become easy to poke fun at Canada’s Gen-X Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. From his incessant warbling about Climate Catastrophe to his bedrock antagonism to firearms, Trudeau personifies Woke-ism more than any other leader of a major nation.  It is his Liberal government’s obsession with the LGBTQ phenomenon, however, that takes the cultural cake. … Read more

Delta flight was forced back to Atlanta after passenger’s spectacular trail of “biohazard” 

A Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to turn around after a passenger on board suffered a bout of diarrhea which ‘ran all the way through the plane’. Grim footage appears to show the soiled interior of a Delta flight that was forced to turn around after a passenger had diarrhea all through … Read more

How to stone a woman to death from the GLMCC, receiver of a massive grant from the government

The video is from Birmingham’s Green Lane Majid & Community Centre (GLMCC) a registered charity. The Charities Governing Document states that the Charity’s purpose is to “Advance the Islamic Faith for the Public Benefit”. We are unclear as to how this video of an imam lecturing an audience on how to stone a woman to … Read more

British Tabloids Shocked That British Isles Weather is Changeable – Blames Climate Cult

This is crappy reporting by any measure. But hilarious. Why do we read these rags? Modern Climate Science™July 26, 2023UK Struggles To Reach 20°CWhere's The Sun?July 27, 2023UK Faces 40°C Heatwaves "Every Summer"I 💖 Science™😎— 𝔻𝕒𝕨𝕟𝕋𝕁𝟡𝟘™ 🇵🇭💖🇨🇦 Climate of Dawn (@DawnTJ90) July 27, 2023

An environmental story we can get behind: Making a living from pineapple scraps.

Nearly half of every pineapple you eat ends up in the trash. But now, companies across the globe are turning the inedible parts of the fruit into textiles, plates, soap, and more. PIÑATEX is created from Anam PALF® (pineapple leaf fibre by Ananas Anam) made from the leaves of the pineapple plant, a waste product of … Read more

Murder She Wrote! 100 Visitors Trapped in Agatha Christie’s Home After Single Road In is Blocked! 🔎🗡️☠️

Visitors were reportedly trapped for ‘hours,’ but given tea by staff. A road near Agatha Christie’s former home, Greenway, was shut due to a fallen tree with customers stuck inside. One visitor, Caroline Heaven, contacted Devon Live to say that she and more than 100 other people have been stuck at the site for ‘hours’. … Read more