Dollar takes huge hit as India does this

The world continues to chisel away at the dollar’s reserve status. In the first of the two most recent examples of how non-western nations plan to avoid the weaponized dollar, late last week Argentina made a loan repayment to the International Monetary Fund worth the equivalent of $2.7 billion “without using dollars” on Friday, using Chinese … Read more

13 Years Wasted! National Debt Soars to Record High of £2.6 Trillion, Tories’ Promises Shatter as Economy Crumbles

Conservative Government’s 13-Year Rule Plunges UK into Debt Crisis, Leaving Voters in Dilemma The UK has just hit a new and totally unwanted milestone as the country now owes more money than its entire economy is worth. And it’s only going to grow as government borrowing continues to soar. In a shocking turn of events, … Read more

This real estate market  sends big downturn signal

…why Goldman thought purchasing a shopping mall, nevertheless the largest one in Ireland, was a good idea, considering the rise of e-commerce, is beyond our comprehension. Bloomberg The latest warning sign the international commercial real estate market is sliding into a downturn is news from Bloomberg that Goldman Sachs is trying to unload Ireland’s largest shopping mall for … Read more

Bank of England Economist: Britons Need to Accept That They’re Poorer

Speaking on a Columbia University Law School podcast, the chief economist of the Bank of England, Huw Pill, said Britons “need to accept” that they have been made poorer by the inflation perpetrated by the central bank. Price inflation today is a result of the record money creation by central banks, especially in the West, from 2020 … Read more

“New Switzerland” in Middle East?

“This is how to think about the UAE” said the wealthy investor, a banker turned money manager, entrepreneur, an expatriate who left London with his young family. “They have built exceptional hardware, national infrastructure,” he said. “They enshrined English common law like Singapore and Hong Kong in various business-friendly jurisdictions like ADGM [here] and DIFC [here],” … Read more

How the Dollar Knocked out the Pound to Become the World’s Top Global Currency

In March 2009, in the midst of recession, then Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner was pressed to respond on the question of whether or not another currency—possibly the IMF’s special drawing rights (SDRs)—might displace the US dollar as the dominant global reserve currency. Geithner responded that he’s open to more use of SDRs but then felt … Read more