Some Background: Britain in Palestine 1917-1948

Britain in Palestine 1917-1948 investigates the contradictory promises and actions which defined British Mandatory rule in Palestine and laid the groundwork for the Nakba (the catastrophe) and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The roots of the contemporary social, political, economic, and environmental landscape of Palestine and Israel can be traced back … Read more

Plastic Recycling is Dead—Long Live Plastic Jet Fuel

Plastic recycling was pronounced dead a year ago in a Greenpeace study titled “Circular Claims Fall Flat Again.” Released in October 2022, the report complained that no more than 6 percent of all discarded American plastic had been recycled in 2021. “After more than 30 years,” concluded Greenpeace, “it is time to accept that plastic recycling is a … Read more

“In Flanders Fields” ~ Beautifully recited for Remembrance Day by Leonard Cohen

In fall 2015, Legion Magazine and Leonard Cohen released a video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. In a poignant tribute to McCrae, Canadian songwriter, painter and poet Leonard Cohen has recited that stirring poem for this exclusive video. His voice is accompanied by stirring imagery … Read more

So what is the Gold-Stick-in-Waiting?

For his coronation, King Charles appointed the Princess Royal as his Gold Stick in Waiting, an honorary and historical position as bodyguard. In the ceremonial traditions of the British monarchy, the titles “Gold Stick” and “Silver Stick” refer to specific roles associated with royal ceremonies. This week she reprised her duties at the State Opening … Read more

Glorious! Dench the human jukebox!

Watch how Dame Judi Dench pulls herself together and composes herself as she mentally prepares to deliver this magnificent recitation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29.  Judi Dench was on Graham Norton last night to push her new book about her life and work with Shakespeare. After making the point we quote Shakespeare daily without knowing it, … Read more

Think it couldn’t happen here?

Radical Islam is brutal. And nowhere more than for women. Now we have embedded, separate populations of angry, displaced and displeased Muslim communities, can we expect this to happen here? Future of World…— शून्य (@Shunyaa00) October 30, 2023

If I self-scan I’m not doing this!

Dear Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Lid, Aldi, Waitrose, Morrisons, and all other stores that have self checkout. You are heading towards almost exclusively self-checkout now. The lady checking receipts at the exit was stopping everyone. I didn’t choose to participate in that nonsense, I had already 🛒 filled my cart🛒 emptied my cart🛒 scanned the items🛒refilled … Read more

Top 10 Dating Tips From a Dating Advisor

Dating is a dangerous game for traditionalists. Our culture pushes extreme progressivism, devalues the nuclear family, and sneers at old-fashioned marriage. How do traditionalists live out their values and build a true romance? It can be done … and it is often done very well. I have spent five years writing about traditional dating, interviewing engaged and … Read more