Was Edison Right All Along? The Case for Direct Current. (This is not boring!)

You’re likely familiar with the “war of the currents” that gripped America in the 1880’s – when inventors Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse (with a teensy bit of help from some chap named Tesla) tussled over how best to harness electricity. Whilst the former favoured a system called “direct current” (DC), the latter championed “alternating … Read more

UK to Fine Wood Stove Owners

Local authorities have been told by the government in Westminster to use the 2021 Environment Act to impose spot fines of £175 to £300 on those who use wood-fire stoves that do not meet state standards on air pollution, The Times of London reported. Local councils were also informed that for those who continually breach the codes, they … Read more

EU’s Race for Net Zero Brings Unexpected Result!

The EU will redirect about 250 billion euros from its RepowerEU fund to stimulate companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday. “We have completely gotten rid of our dependency on Russian fossil fuels. It went much faster than we expected. That’s good. So we have the … Read more


“It would require 1,000 years of production to make enough batteries for two days’ worth of U.S. electricity demand. Meanwhile, 50–100 pounds of materials are mined, moved, and processed for every pound of battery produced…” A movement has been growing for decades to replace hydrocarbons, which collectively supply 84% of the world’s energy. It began … Read more

Airships – Can they finally deliver?

Airships offer low operating costs, reduced infrastructure requirements and significantly lower carbon output. They don’t need airports and runways. They can load or discharge on rooftops if required. It’s a mystery to us why they haven’t been copied by the Greens as they burn less fuel, overcome many “last mile” congestion limits, and pollute less than … Read more

Antarctic ice – Follow the science

What the science says…"The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite a monotonic increase in the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases."THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! #climate#ClimateEmergencyhttps://t.co/yWmyyQJGdM— Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki (@MatthewWielicki) January 30, 2023 Abstract here at Nature.com The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite a monotonic … Read more