UK’s Onshore Wind Scheme Could Backfire

Shortly after naming Claire Coutinho (above) as secretary of state for energy security and net zero on Aug. 31, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a plan to accelerate the approval process for onshore wind projects. Previously, a 2015 ruling allowed a single complaint within a community to halt an onshore wind program and fully stopped subsidies for such … Read more

This is how they deal with traffic stopping climate protestors in Arizona. Too much?

It would appear that the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police made the decision that whining “we are environmental protestors” were creating a nuisance and needed to be stopped. As James Woods points out in his X (below), the heat index in the Nevada desert would cause great problems for stopped cars. These climate and anti-capitalist … Read more

Why closing our last remaining ammonia plant threatens our food security

The closure of Britain’s last Haber-Bosch plant, which produced ammonia vital for the creation of fertilisers and explosives, symbolises the country’s growing dependence on imports and the broader trend of deindustrialization, says Ed Conway in the Times. Here’s an excerpt: What is the single most consequential invention in modern human history? It’s tempting to vote for the … Read more

The UN asked 10 million people for their priorities – Guess what came top?

Climate change is real and its impacts are mostly negative, but common portrayals of devastation are unfounded. Scenarios set out under the UN Climate Panel (IPCC) show human welfare will likely increase to 450% of today’s welfare over the 21st century. Climate damages will reduce this welfare increase to 434%. See what didn’t come stop? … Read more

Persistent data nerd finds solar panels made in China produce 3x more carbon emissions than claimed!

A Lone And Obstinate Italian Data Crusader The China-sized black hole at the heart of the world’s photovoltaic data might, in the context of the industry, seem obvious. That didn’t make it any easier for Enrico Mariutti, an introspective but compulsive 37-year-old Italian from Rome, to convince others in the field there might be a … Read more