Can you find a Tesco farm on a map? No, we didn’t think so

Willow Farms whole chicken, Boswell Farms diced beef, and Rosedene Farms blueberries were all found to come from manufacturers with no relation to the names on the packaging of the final product. In fact, some of the foods were imported from overseas and given British names to make them sound local.

Back in 2017 the National Farmers Union asked Trading Standards to investigate Tesco over brands named after fictional farms, on the grounds that consumers believe they are exclusively UK-sourced. An adverse ruling would hurt its ability to compete with Aldi’s private label brands. There is no record of this being addressed.

While there was a considerable outpouring of scorn from British farmers back in 2016, Tesco doesn’t seem to have learned much. They are still in a race for the bottom with Aldi and UK farmers are just a hinderance.

This tweet comes from Riverford who describe them selves as: Proper farmers with mud on our boots, growing & delivering 100% organic produce. Leading the #VegRevolution since 1986. Follow our online mag @WickedLeeksmag. They are based in Devon and their website is, where they say they stand for:

“As farmers ourselves, we promise a fair deal to all the small-scale growers we work with.”

Fair pay for farmers

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We lovingly grow our veg for the best flavour, not cosmetic perfection – wonky veg is welcome!

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