Turkeys voting for Christmas! Everyday Palestinians comment on “Queers for Palestine”

The queer community is all in for Palestine. The reverse is not true. 93% of Palestinians do not support gay rights and the prevailing Arab culture is anti-LGBT. Palestinian LGBT youth escape to Israel rather than being beaten, tortured or killed for being gay under the Palestinian Authority. But, hey, those western gays can identify … Read more

Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is you just elected a small government guy with big plans

Javier Milei destroyed expectations by a massive margin with 56% of the vote compared to just 44% for his rival, Sergio Massa in the Argentinian presidential elections last night.  The Left didn’t take it well. In scenes reminiscent of the night Hillary lost they openly wept and wailed.  Not that Milei will care. As he … Read more

Is this 1960s plan the real reason for the war in Gaza?

As the Gaza battle intensifies, focus turns to the controversial Ben Gurion Canal Project, originally proposed in the 1960s as an alternative to the Suez Canal. But as long as Palestinians live there, there is a constant threat from Hamas to anything undertaken by Israel. Named after Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, the project, conceived in … Read more

Will Biden make it? Is this his successor?

It’s clear that President Biden is failing fast. Some might argue that it’s senior abuse to keep him propping up the Administration which is allegedly run by him but in all likelihood is being run by bureaucrats and staffers. Some even suspect Obama’s hand is at the tiller. Look at how scared his Secretary of … Read more

Did Joe Biden just destroy the last chance to make peace with China and escalate the US economic collapse?

Biden was unwisely allowed to handle a solo news conference following four hours of carefully planned talks with Chinese premier Xi Jinping on the outskirts of San Francisco yesterday (Nov15). This had been carefully planned as a sucking-up exercise where the US handed over military information and other goodies to appease Joe Biden’s pals in … Read more


This example from an ordinary Tube journey is disturbing. In it we see that the casual racism we have been trained to be hyper-vigilant about just doesn’t apply to Jewish people. This woman would never have asked a question like this to person of colour. Well done to the regular people on the bus who … Read more