About that $6 billion Biden released to Iran…

As soon as Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday in a highly coordinated campaign the world accused the Biden Administration of funding this new found sophistication. Iran is a backer of Hamas.

Remember the prisoner swap a few weeks ago? The one that went hand in hand with the Biden administration authorizing the release of $6 billion of frozen funds to Hamas’s biggest backer: Iran.

The US State Department said back then that $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil funds being transferred from South Korean to Qatari accounts will be under “strict oversight” of Washington that will have the ability to freeze them. 

“The Treasury Department has strict oversight over the use of those funds. We have visibility into how they are used, and we have the ability to police their use,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters.

He said the US will “remain vigilant” in watching the spending of the funds.

Miller repeated previous statements from the Biden administration that said the funds could only be used for “humanitarian purposes.” NSC spokesperson, John Kirby wasn’t so sure. 


“The Islamic Republic of Iran will decide what to do with this money,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said of the frozen funds.

This weekend Miller said the $6 billion had not been spent. It’s semantics. if Iran knows it has $6 billion on one account it frees up another to back terrorism.

Remember the comment from President Trump above?

So when you hear liberals (and this FOX News commentator) say “it wasn’t that $6 billion” – show them this from an actual expert on Iranian economics.